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Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP)

HAZOP is a risk management technique that originated in the petrochemical industry. A HAZOP is a structured and systematic analysis of a system to identify potential hazards and operability issues, and to find solutions.

Note: These courses are currently only offered as in-house courses. Please contact HSE for further information.

Introduction to HAZOP (2-Days)

This course provides a basic background knowledge of the HAZOP process, together with simple, practical case studies. This will allow you to actively and effectively participate in HAZOP studies.

The course starts by looking at process hazards and risks; risk management; and how HAZOP fits into the risk management process. The HAZOP process is covered in detail, together with other essential elements for conducting a HAZOP (such as planning, preparation and reporting).

HAZOP Leader (2-Days)

This course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the HAZOP technique, together with practical development of HAZOP leader skills. Participants will gain knowledge in a range of hazard identification and risk analysis techniques, allowing them to select the most appropriate technique for their particular application.

Upon completion of this course, a written evaluation will be provided of each participantís skills as a HAZOP leader. Assessment will involve observation of each participant as they facilitate a HAZOP, together with review of a written HAZOP report which will need to be completed and submitted AFTER completion of the course. Participants are encouraged to provide their own Case Study for the assessment task.