HSE: Health and Safety Essentials HSE: Health and Safety Essentials

Chemical Management

Chemical Hazards and Risk Assessment (2-Days)

Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling (2-Days)

Do you have chemicals in your workplace?
Do you know how to manage them safely?
Do you know what your legal obligations are?

Regardless of your business or industry, you will have chemicals in your workplace.

For those businesses operating in the chemical industry either in manufacture, processing, storage, distribution the effective management of chemicals is critical to safe operation.

But for those businesses or organisations outside the chemical industry, it is just as important to manage the chemicals used in support of your main business activity. For example: fuels, cleaning agents, fertilisers, pesticides, water treatment chemicals, inks, oils and greases, paint, aerosols, bleaching agents, laboratory chemicals.

These training courses has been developed to provide skills and information across all levels of your organisation from business and safety managers, to supervisors and operators. Your roles and responsibilities will determine which courses are right for you.